“Just want to write an appreciation status. For all the people that are there for me, in conversation every day.

For all the people who have donated to me over these past months, all people who themselves are not rich…I would really like to just write a status about them with their names but I respect everyone’s privacy so will not do that (unless you have donated to me and would like to be named).

For my current situation:

One friend has said she wants to donate money for my evacuation, but only if other people come through as well so it is not for nothing.

This means I have around half now. Who can help me to 600 euros more for the evacuation over old years eve so I wont get smogged to death?

I also calculated that by traveling with 2 assistence persons not just 1, to Morocco, travel would be more expensive, as everything is for 3, but faster. It would take around 3000 euros to get there overland. Which is a lot but I really cant fly sadly.

I am going to write some organizations, and some of my friends are also helping me with writing to organizations and people.

I still really would wish that I could go to Morocco as opposed to just get evacuated (as evacuation costs 1000-1200) and going to Morocco about 3000, but what I can do depends on the amount of money raised.

I dont just ask to travel to Morocco to save myself, I want to make a center there so more people can feel safe, from pollution but also other things.

The reason my family cant financially help me anymore is because they did for a long time, and also because they always gave to people in need as opposed to sitting on their money.

And that it never seizes to amaze me how the people who help are always the people who dont have a lot of money, or are living in severe poverty themselves.

There have doubtlessly been friends who could not eat, or not do something else they need because they chose to help me…And there are others too, who choose to go without so they can help those who need it more. I thank them for their sacrifice.

I thank them for their sacrifice, but would wish it is not always the poor people and those experiencing severity or calamity themselves to come through. But also the privileged and those who do have things”




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