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In the Shadowbag; Ideaschemapocalypse, Emergent Birth Process

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How astonishing that we should all have to pay such dire attention to the health and wellness of our communities.

How clever is a universe that makes everyone chronically ill who would ignore the desperate pleadings of the chronically ill?

Compassion boosts immunity. 

Willingness to harm vulnerable others ensures harm to one’s own vulnerabilities.

Who will welcome Survivors of Severity into their communities?



Memory stitching beginnings

Ideaschema this evening, memory stitching beginnings. Wilderness Yoga Rescue Aid Radio Broadcasters Camping Club (say that three times fast) is facilitating today’s adventures, which have been profound.

But that’s our usual — every day, intensity, meaning, learning, problem-solving, and upgrading the body’s ability to meet all challenges.

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The ways we make money

…are many and varied, and they all depend a lot on what money is in the first place.

I asked myself this question and I asked it some more, and life changes scattered like hurricane blown semi trailers and crashed planet-to-planet with the money and the life energy draining sheer, dry, gone in an instant and never refilling. Spring won’t come again; Persephone is dead.

Some very interesting things have happened since Virtual Magpie and way back before her.

Shall we go exploring together?