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Learning at Ideaschema

This page is gradually being recreated by the innovative collaborators and unparalleled nutriment of our worldwide Intuitive Public Media Network. We’re so glad to see you here.

If you’d like to browse some of our previous work, take a look at this photo gallery featuring the original Idea Catalyst Kit, released by Megan Elizabeth Morris & Ideaschema in January 2010.

You might also enjoy popping into our public Telegram channel set at t.me/IntuitiveSocialLearning and our attached conversation space dedicated to Whole Story Learning. Do join the chat (by clicking “View Discussion” in the channel options), introduce yourself, and participate. We’d love to meet you!

For more about the work of Ideaschema and the Intuitive Network, subscribe to our main content at www.IntuitivePublicRadio.network on Substack.

Questions? Reach out to Megan by emailing max@intuitive.pub.