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Idea Catalyst Kit (Extras!)

This, brave friends, is the extras page. Oooh my goodness.

What does it mean to have an extras page, now, after all this time?

Well, for one thing… it means that we’ve reactivated the URL from the original 2010 release, which is neat. But more than that, it means that we have a space to which we can bring the enormous amount of collaborative insight and material accomplishment that our survivors’ groups of Ideaschema Intuitive and the Intuitive Network have co-created in the years since The Idea Catalyst Kit first came on the scene.

The one thing we’re putting on this page, right now, is the Precision Power-Up — our invitation to you to join us in activating your most profound proficiencies, including the opportunity to help us re-draft the Idea Catalyst Kit for the present age.

We won’t say more here just yet… but we hope you’ll take a look at the Precision Power-Up and see if you’d like to participate.

Hey, jump in. Party’s already started. 🙂